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Frequently Asked Questions



Alexeter's customer base consists primarily of two distinct types of clientele:  (1) hazardous materials & public safety professionals, and (2) corporate/private security professionals. 


The major portion of our business comes from professionals based in the community service industry, who test for unknown powders in the field and have years of experience in emergency situations & protecting the public (e.g. - firefighters, EMT's, etc).  The other portion of our business consists of clientele who provide security and emergency management services in a corporate environment.


To that end, Alexeter has created 2 sets of handy, informative FAQ's; one catering to Hazardous Material professionals, the other catering to corporate professionals.  Each one is listed below, and is also available in downloadable, PDF form by accessing our "Downloads" section.  In addition, we have just added a 3rd FAQ to our list, specifically detailing the most often asked questions about our newest product -- the BioCheck Protein Screening Kit.




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