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BioDetect Test Strips

Catalog no. S-1002

Common Name: Ricin; Ricin Toxin

Scientific Name: Ricinus communis


General Overview: With no known antidote, ricin is one of the deadliest toxins known to man.  Acting extremely rapid, ricin can kill in the first 36 to 72 hours after being exposed.  As such, it is an extremely vital agent to be able to test for on-scene. 


The ricin toxin is extracted from the common castor bean.  It is very easy to make and inexpensive.  In addition, it is also very stable, making it an attractive bioterrorism agent since it can be effective in all types of temperatures and climates.


There are two methods of contracting ricin: ingestion and inhalation.  If ingested, the first symptoms can arise in under 6 hours; if inhaled, within 8 hours. Once contracted, ricin poisoning can not be spread to anyone else through normal, casual contact.

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